Your child has severe problems with their sensory motor skills.

What this means:

Your child experiences issues with concentration and paying focused attention on tasks.

The child feels and/or look to be “at a loss”, without a clear idea of what the teacher or parent is expecting of them.

They have difficulty following directions to complete tasks. Tasks might be left half finished and it appears as though your child “gives up” easily.

Your child finds it difficult to start a task; needs individual hand holding to complete tasks and takes longer than the rest of the children. It seems as though your child didn’t listen to instructions and they might look “naughty”.

This may affect your child’s social life, as the child cannot keep up with peers and has difficulty forming relationships.

The child may fidget or disturb others, as the child is not focused on tasks. Again, they look “naughty” and are a problem for the teacher.

Your child has difficulty following routines to get ready for school or outings; the child needs reminders, which can create tension in families.

All of these problems can cause poor self-esteem, and as a result, your child often looks “naughty” and as if the child has difficulty with discipline.

The child will be experiencing higher levels of anxiety and frustration, causing meltdowns or tantrums.

What to do next:

We recommend starting your child on the 12 month CoordiChild program right away to help correcting your child’s severe sensory motor skill problems.

As soon as possible, please arrange a time for a short, complimentary Skype or telephone conversation with Marga.

We would love to speak with you about your child and give you some free, professional advice on the best way to address the issues that your child is experiencing.

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