About us – Examples of exercises

Level 1 focuses on the sensory phase of development. It includes activities to address the processing of touch, movement, auditory (hearing), visual (seeing), smell and taste.
The example (Exercise 2.3) is from the second fortnight of exercises and focuses on movement and on listening.



Level 2 focuses on sensory motor development, including muscle tone, core muscle strength, balance and body awareness.

The example is from fortnight 8 and encourage balance and a stable posture.



Level 4 focuses on the different movements of the two sides of the body, including the crossing of the midline, rhythm, balance and laterality. The exercises are more challenging and complex.

The example is from fortnight 14. We are gradually increasing the complexity of the exercises to encourage development and the mastering of new skills. Due to the fact that we increase the complexity of the exercises gradually (and according to development), your child shouldn’t find it difficult.

The activities in Level 5 focus on body image, sequential movements, ideation and motor planning. This includes some counting to integrate sequences of movement with other sequences.

The example is a jumping sequence combined with counting.