Moving in the ‘Write’ Direction


It is uncanny that Fine Motor and Handwriting deficiencies are one of the most common reasons children get referred to Occupational Therapy.

The fact remains that problems with fine motor skills have a major impact on children’s ability to participate successfully in daily living activities such as eating, grooming and dressing.  Handwriting is still a major requirement for school based tasks despite the influx of computers into school curriculums.

Research shows that physical activity and movement play a critical role in the development of skills required for establishing Fine Motor Skills and proficient Handwriting. Requirements for Fine Motor Skills and Handwriting, that stem from established Sensory Motor Skills include:

•          Strong Upright Posture

•          Bilateral Integration – is the ability to use the arms in a co-ordinated manner

•          Crossing the Mid-line – an imaginary line down the centre of our body

•          Fluid Arm Movements

•          Precise Finger Control and Movements

•          Appropriate Grasp/Grip

•          Spatial Awareness – knowing where our bodies are in space

•          Letter Formation – the ability to clearly form letters in the right shape and form

•          Seated Endurance – is the skill to sit still, in the correct posture, for a long time


CoordiKids works to develop all of the skills mentioned above. The program has been used for many years to aid children who battle with fine motor skills and handwriting.  The exercises within the program that are placed in a sequence to develop the child in relation to the typical developmental phases of children. The exercises in CoordiKids are specific to fine tuning sensory motor skills so the child can mature and learn.

The key note here is that fine motor skills and handwriting develops after the building blocks within the sensory motor development phase are in place. If there are gaps in development, those gaps need to be filled in order for the child to grow and develop further.

A child with poor handwriting suffers not only in the actual task. Self-esteem, confidence and the ability to show off their knowledge is all impacted upon.  CoordiKids can help with fine motor skills and handwriting. 

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