Your child has moderate problems with their sensory motor skills.

What this means:

Depending on the age of your child, they may be experiencing (or will experience in the future) difficulty with specific school subjects or part of them, such as timetables in mathematics, spelling in English and so on.  They may need individual attention to plan and complete tasks and take longer than normal in the process.

Your child will be suffering through higher levels of frustration because they want to succeed, but can’t reach the targets set by themselves and/or by others.

They have some issues with sport, including difficulty remembering routines, slight clumsiness and difficulty following directions to improve their skill. Your child might refuse participation, need individual classes and/or feel incompetent in the group.

Fatigue towards the end of the day can be seen in meltdowns and behavioural problems.

What to do next:

Start your child in the CoordiChild Foundational program. This will correct the sensory motor skill problems and prevent more severe ones from occurring in the future. It would be to your child’s advantage to proceed from this CoordiChild Basic program to the CoordiChild Intermediate and then to the CoordiChild Advanced program.  It will be financially viable to purchase the complete CoordiChild program.

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