Your child has mild problems with their sensory motor skills.

Your child is probably having problems with concentration and/or paying attention for longer periods of time. The child likely has difficulty completing tasks in a given time and needs reminders for things like grooming routines, homework etc.

The child is struggling to keep up with peers in social, academic, and/or sport activities. The child is not a natural leader in the group or amongst the top students in their class.

Because of this the child is getting frustrated during the performance of many tasks and often avoids tasks that he or she finds tricky (but often don’t want to admit having trouble).

You may notice increased fatigue towards the end of the day, as your child has to put in extra effort to keep up. This can evolve into meltdowns, difficult behaviour and refusal to cooperate with family routines once the child is home after school (obviously depending on their age).

What to do next:

Start your child on the CoordiChild Intermediate program. This will correct these sensory motor skill problems now and prevent more severe ones from occurring in the future.  It would be to your child’s advantage to proceed from the CoordiChild Intermediate program to the CoordiChild Advanced program.

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