What changes you can expect to see?

Parents Have Often Been Amazed By The Positive Changes In Their Children After A Number Of Sessions In Therapy. At The End Of The Program Your Child Should Be Confident In Most Movement Activities

  • Sensory motor skills, which will improve concentration, as well as the ability to sit still, complete tasks, and follow instructions
  • Motor planning skills, minimising the effects of dyspraxia
  • Social interaction, self-esteem and self-confidence, making them happy and well-rounded
  • Specifically you may notice:
  • Their balance is well established
  • They show good coordination in sport
  • Their basic spatial and perceptual concepts should be developed well
  • They have a sound concept of left and right, spatial orientation, sequencing and motor planning
  • An improvement in activities that rely on fine motor skills, e.g. cutting with scissors
  • Their organization and planning skills are much better

Of Course The Best Results Are Obtained When Parents Are Actively Involved To Encourage Optimal Development.