Here Is The Oportunity To Give Your Child 

The Skills They Need To Succeed


CoordiChild is an essential program to encourage optimal development in children. 

  • The program has 8 levels.
  • CoordiChild is compiled to follow the important developmental phases of the child to ensure a strong foundation.

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Gaps in the development of the sensory motor phase create problems in the later stages of development.  This will affect academic learning and general physical activity negatively.

Marga and Lindy are experienced Occupational Therapists

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  • They have a passion for the well-being of children, especially those with learning challenges. 
  • They have worked in various private practices AROUND THE WORLD to address many different problems in children.  
  • They have used these exercises in over 4000 hours of therapy with children.


Tina, Mum of boy with Sensory Processing Disorder:

We would definitely recommend Occupational Therapy to others in a similar situation. Our life changed the day we met Lindy. At last we know someone who understands what our son is experiencing and how we feel as his parents so all of a sudden we weren’t a family struggling to cope instead we walked out of our first appointment with a plan for our future. We are still a work in progress but at least we are on the right road now and it’s been the best thing for us all, truly. Connor is more affectionate, interacts with other children more and participates in activities more often than he did before therapy. –

CoordiChild is FLEXIBLE so it CAN fit in with your busy schedule!

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  • Yes! You can use it for small groups of children.
  • Yes! It will be valuable to compliment your child’s therapy.
  • Yes! You can join in and do the exercises as a family.
  • Yes! Older kids and adults will benefit as well.
  • Yes! Teachers and therapists can subscribe and use individual exercises in the classroom, in therapy sessions or as “homework” to address specific problem areas.


WATCH, MOVE AND LEARN…it’s as easy as 1,2,3!


Would you like some one-on-one hand

holding from Marga and Lindy?


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Mother of children with special needs:

Since their completion of Marga and Lindy’s program, they have made rapid leaps with their learning and now rank among the high achievers in their respective year levels. They are rapidly transforming into confident, capable young men, ready to take on the opportunities available to them. There is no price that a parent can put on that sort of outcome for their child. The long term benefit of building a solid foundation that gives a child the best possible chance in life far outweighs any short term costs and is infinitely better than trying to add levels to a wall that is riddled with empty spaces.

I thoroughly recommend Marga’s therapy program to you to fill those gaps in the wall and give your child the best possible chance for future success. I know that I will always bless the day I found Marga and am sure you will too.

Alison (surname omitted to protect children’s privacy)