CoordiKids Can Create
Happy, Confident Kids


The CoordiKids childhood development program will help your 4 – 8 year old child to:

  • Practice new skills
  • Know their body
  • Gain self-esteem
  • Be self-confident
  • Happy in their own skin

Make sure that your child doesn’t miss out on this great opportunity!

Your child can be part of Marga and Lindy’s newly developed program – built on 45 years of success as Paediatric Occupational Therapists. Numerous testimonials of great changes in children prove that this program can work for you and your child.

….Best not to waste any more time and get moving with CoordiKids!


Why Should You Be Using CoordiKids?

  • There is no other program available that specifically addresses Sensory Motor Development in Children aged 4 – 8 in such detail as CoordiKids
  • Sensory Motor Skills are the foundation for learning and growing
  • You can support and help your child grow in the comfort of your own home.
  • Save time and money by accessing a detailed program online.
  • No more need to tireless activity searches and inspirations. It’s all here on CoordiKids,
  • Children need to be encouraged to do physical activity to keep their body and brains connected
  • The whole family can participate and have fun doing the exercises
  • Improved ability to pay attention
  • Improved ability to learn and study
  • Improved participation in sport
  • Easy to follow demonstration and verbal instructions
  • Fun activities that engage the child
  • Challenges that can be met to complete fortnight
  • Only 10 – 20 minutes per day; 5 days per week
  • No need to persuade your child to exercise.  Your child will ask for more!


For only $49 per month ($12.25 per week) you can help your child to have fun,
gain important skills for learning and self-esteem.

The easy steps:

  1. Subscribe as a member
  2. You’ll receive 6 – 14 easy to follow video’s via e-mail every fortnight for 1 year
  3. Use your login details and let your child have fun copying the exercises on the videos
  4. Exercises should not take more than 10 – 20 minutes per day
  5. Only do the exercises 5 days per week
  6. Follow your child’s pace – if the child finds something difficult, repeat for another week
  7. You’ll have the program available for 3 years, your child can repeat as many times as needed
  8. You might need a break – take it, and continue with the program when you are ready


Your subscription gives access to 4 webinars presented by Marga and Lindy FREE:

  1. Understand your child and ensure successful participation in Coordikids
  2. Sensory motor skills in a nutshell
  3. Parenting secrets
  4. How to proceed after completing CoordiKids


The program has 8 levels, each one addressing a more complex aspect of development.  You and your child can follow the progress.


Your initial charge will be $49.00 AUD.
You will then be charged $49.00  AUD/month for 11 months
after your initial charge has been made.

Praise for Marga and Lindy

The therapy for Tom was very beneficial.

Over the several months we saw improvements in his behaviour, social interaction with others and his speech and communication skills improved. His memory recall improved greatly and he was able to tell us about his days at Kindy, what he did and was singing songs back to us he learned in class which previously he was unable to.

His attention improved and was able to stay focused for longer enabling him to complete activities and listen for longer without being as distracted.  Tom’s fine and gross motor skills are now on par with his age group. Tom loved going to his therapy sessions with Marga, she always conducted them in a fun way for Tom and he always looked forward to seeing her.

Receiving fortnightly exercises would be beneficial as a reminder of what to do as it is easy to forget exercises and activities that have been discussed in the session once you get home.

Kim Bourke, mother of Tom.